Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions they prety much cover everything to ensure we both work well together


The 'Client' agrees to engage the 'Artist' and the 'Artist' agrees to perform their usual type of entertainment as set out in the Engagement Contract, and for the fee and at the 'Venue' as stated within the Engagement Contract.

1. Timings within the issued contract are subject to minor amendments by both parties up to the date of the event and will also be confirmed with the Venue prior to the booking being confirmed. All amendments will be verbally agreed only unless otherwise stated.

1a. Band prices for evening performances are normally based on setting up after 6.00 pm and the performance finishing before midnight. Earlier set-up times and later finish times are usually possible but may incur an additional charge. For performances at other times the act details provide an idea of how long they usually stay and perform, but contact us for an accurate quotation.

2. The person signing this contract is the named Client as stated within the issued contract or an authorised representative of the Client. In the event of the authorised representative leaving the employ/company of the Client, the Client will be held responsible for the issued contract.

3. Whilst you are requested to sign and return this contract, failure to sign and return is not sufficient to cancel this Agreement. All contracts issued are confirmation of a verbal agreement and subsequent completed booking form or written confirmation. Therefore, unless written objection is received by The Kommitments within 7 days of issue, it will be assumed that the booking is confirmed and that all deposits/fees will be applicable. (Written objection within 7 days does not apply when engagement date is within 30 days of contract issue date).

4. Due to circumstances beyond our control personnel and appearances of personnel within the band may differ from those advertised or seen.
Every effort is taken to ensure that the Client is made aware of these changes when they arise and does not contravene any verbal or written Agreement.

5. The Kommitments take complaints very seriously and should a complaint arise in the respect of the performance of any act, this must be made in writing within 28 days from performance date and addressed to Sean Curtis, Manager at The Kommitments.

6. The Venue/Client must have public liability insurance, PRS, local entertainment licenses and relevant business insurance in place before a booking is accepted by The Kommitments.

7. The Artist agrees to provide suitable P.A. and lighting in accordance with the Venue/Clients' specifications unless otherwise agreed. The Artist agrees to provide up to date PAT Certificates for each piece of electrical equipment used throughout the performances.

8. The Venue/Client will be responsible for the supply of mains electricity in the performance area for Artistes' electrical equipment to B.S.I. standards.

9. The use of limiters/sound restrictions within the Venue booked by the Client do so at their own risk. The Kommitments will not take responsibility for non/lack of performance due to limiters/restrictions within the Venues' contract with the Client.

10. All deposits paid when confirming engagements are non-refundable and must be paid 14 days from date of issue.
11. Settlement of remaining fees to be paid in full cleared funds 28 days before date of event. Cheques to be made payable to Sean Curtis. We reserve the right to charge interest at 8% above base rate for late payments.

12. CANCELLATION PENALTIES: Within 60 Days: 50% of Fee Payable Within 30 Days: 100% Fee Payable.

13. The Kommitments agrees for the live band to perform up to two (2) Forty Five (45) Minuet live band sets within the times as stated within the issued contract. None of our acts perform later than 12 pm unless otherwise agreed.

14. The CD incidental music offered to clients as part of the The Kommitments PACKAGE is free of charge and may be subject to changes before or on the night of the performance and is performed by members of the band.

15. There should be made available a suitable area/room for the use of the Artist for changing and resting between performances.

16. The Client will provide at their own expense tea/coffee and soft drinks for the Artist throughout the duration of the event together with a basic hot meal or a suitable alternative

17. The Special Clauses stated above form an integral part of this agreement.

18. These rider conditions were revised on the 1st March 2015 and precede any previously published Terms & Conditions Rider Conditions are there to protect The Client and The Artist. Some of these conditions may not apply to your booking. Please call us to discuss your event and how we could tailor our services to meet your ideas and requirements.