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1. How much do you charge...?

2. How much desposit do I pay to secure a booking...?

3. What areas do you cover...?

4. Where can I see you play...?

5. What type of venues will you play...?

6. How much space do you need...?

7. How long do you need to set up...?

8. How long do you normally play for...?

9 .Will I also need to hire a DJ...?


Answer 1:

Unfortunately, it is really difficult to give an indication of our charges without knowing a bit more about your event. Various things can affect the cost of hiring a band including the size and location of the venue, the length of time you want us to play and the equipment we will need to bring. Our priority is to give your guests the best possible experience and to work within your budget wherever possible. So please, contact us now and we will be happy to give you a quotation with no obligation and no hard sell.

Answer 2:

We require 20% of the full fee at the time of booking. The balance can then be paid by direct transfer of cheque a week before your event or in cash on the night.

Answer 3:

We are happy to play almost anywhere in the world! The band is based in Nottingham and the East Midlands so our most competitive rates will be for bookings in this region. For venues more than 2 hours traveling time from Nottingham, we will charge a higher fee because we will have to take travel expenses into consideration. But give us a call anyway im sure you will find us very competetive.

Answer 4:

We typically perform at a public places, contact us for details of our shows in your area. We also perform regularly at private functions around the UK. Although we cannot officially invite clients to these events it may be possible for you to get close enough to hear the band, particularly if the event is in a public building such as a hotel or restaurant. Please contact us now for full details of performance dates in your area.

Answer 5:

The band will perform at a wide variety of venues from pubs & village halls to large country estates, theatres, halls, hotel function rooms. The band will also perform in marquees or outdoors, under cover, if the weather allows it. 

Answer 6:

Depending on the band size a stage from 4m by 3.5m is adequate for our performance.

Answer 7:

Usually we need at 1-2 hours to set up the PA and sound check in advance of the performance. We prefer this to carrying out the sound-check before the arrival of guests where possible.

Answer 8:

The band will perform a total of 2 hours of live music, either as 2 sets with a break or 1 set all the way through.

Answer 9:

We are happy to play a selection of continuous music that is mixed together before and between our performances. Most clients do find that they need a DJ in addition to the band.